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guest 12 yr ago x
Blackberry Insurance: Save 40% off of our Blackberry warranty plans! Get protected from drops, cracks, freezes &...

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guest 12 yr ago x
The new Blackberry 9900 Dakota is now available with original warranty and arabic keyboard for KD195!! Priority for those who booked. :)
guest 12 yr ago x
I purchased my Bold 9780 through Bell on a 3 yr contract Dec 2010. After a few months of normal usage, the phone...
zain  12 yr ago x
i want to ckeck my warrenty
guest 11 yr ago x
All the Blackberry mobiles comes with one year warranty from the manufacturer 'Research In Motion'. But you can avail extended warranty with your retailer. Check that out, if you've paid for any extended warranty or not.
Mike03 11 yr ago x
All Blackberry phones have warranty, I don't believe you can extend the period of the warranty without the permission of the company. Do not trust any online market if you don't read reviews about it first. Many scammers are out there and waiting to steal your money.
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