How to use jailbrake on iPhone 4.2 without void any warranty

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Radovan 11 yr ago x
I want to use a jailbreak on my iPhone iOS 4.2 without tempering or challenge my warranty. Please help me out. Somebody told me if I use jailbrakes, I may not access to itunes or other apple stores. Is that true? Anybody please reply.
Toredo 11 yr ago x
Maximum tech people uses jailbreaks on their iPhones. No information about warranty void till now. Though you have to return to your original iOS and remove all the jailbreaks, whenever you want to visit your iPhone vendor. And it can be done for every jailbreak application. If Apple people finds any jailbreaks on your smarty, they just smile and return without any assistance.
Laila 11 yr ago x
Don't use jailbreaks. You may harm your sweet iPhone and it may not work as before. Though, under DMCA jailbreaking iPhones is legal in US, why apple says it can violate the warranty?

I'm also using some jailbreak apps and those are awesome.

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Adriana 11 yr ago x
I always say "better safe than sorry". Just avoid the use of jailbreaks, they might harm the features and options you are enjoying now with your iPhone.
Mike03 11 yr ago x
I say try to use jailbreak, you cannot loose your warranty because you can reset your iPhone, all information will be deleted and no-one will know that you used jailbreak.
After the reset you will be able to use your warranty without any problems.
MozDev 11 yr ago x
Jailbreak isn't that bad as many are trying to picturise here. You can restore your original iOS anytime and nobody will be able to trace that. But you have to use it with proper knowledge and guidance.
Mike03 11 yr ago x
That's what I was trying to say too MozDev. You can "undo" the jailbrake if you wish. There are many tutorials online explaining how to do so, so just try it.
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