Want to buy a smartphone, android or iphone, which will be better for business use

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Abdul Aziz 12 yr ago x
I want to buy a new smartphone. Which operating system will be better for regular business use? iOS/iPhone or Android, which will be more smarter to use without any hazard. One of my friend uses iPhone. It looks gorgeous, but he told me it's not for me. He does know my habits. I'm a workoholics. Any idea or choice? Please feel free to give your opinions. Thanks.

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Li'l John 12 yr ago x
You might want to look for Motorola Droid Razr Maxx for ultimate mobile use. It's the best in-class choice for it's marathon battery backup.

Next to Moto Razr, you may look for HTC One. You'll find style, speed, blazing 4G, amoled screen and so many in your fist.

You may also try LG or Samsung smartphones. Choose wisely, live well.
Adriana 12 yr ago x
I would suggest you to go with Sony Ericsson Xperia TM. Those phones are very good for any use. You can choose among many. If you wish to have a big screen (which I strongly recommend you) have a look at the Arc.
Mike03 11 yr ago x
For business use in my opinion Blackberry are very good smart phones. They have a different operating system than android, but it will not take you long time to learn it.
Many business people are using them, they fit to their styling too. Think of it, is a good alternative option.
AppleMan 11 yr ago x
Why don't you buy an iPhone 4. I think you'll love it. Sleek stylish design with all your working needs. Moreover very simple to operate, even you don't have to see the manuals. I advise you to become a proud owner of Apple iPhone.

Nicola 11 yr ago x
Me and my wife own iPhone 4 and we are very happy with them. There are very easy to use and you will not be disappointed if you buy one.
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