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QueenLatifah 9 yr ago x
Bored with working. Wanna play a word game??
Game Rules: I'll start with a word, you have to post another word starting from my word's last letter. Word should be related to smartphone/gadget.

Here's the starting word : SmartphonE
QueenLatifah 9 yr ago x
My second one: EclaiR
QueenLatifah 9 yr ago x
Anybody post the third!!
Anthony 9 yr ago x
Motorola *RazoR*

Yes I'm bored with my work, I probably should go looking for another job! What do you guys do?

I think there should be a rule that you can't use a word that has been posted before :)
QueenLatifah 9 yr ago x
Thanks Anthony, for participating.

Yeh, that rule was mistakenly not introduced. Thanks for mentioning. And the honor goes to 'Anthony'.

Rule:: New words only, no duplicate word plz.

ZTE *RaceR*
QueenLatifah 9 yr ago x

Anybody there to play with me and have some jumble on smart words?
Julie 9 yr ago x
Hi Queen Latifah,

Are you the real one or just nicked? I love real Queen Latifah's acting and appearance. Looks preety and shiny to me.

My word is *Motherboard*
Every gadgets has a motherboard.
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