Android update takes too much time on a Xperia smartphone / Sony Ericsson PC

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Mike03 9 yr ago x

I have an Xperia smartphone and I am trying to update the software through Sony Ericsson PC Combination but is taking too long time!

It stacked on the second step, where the software is getting data from the internet. Can anyone help?
Adriana 9 yr ago x
Hello Mike,
Since the procedure stopped on the step of getting data, I guess is firewall problem. Turn off your firewall and try again, probably your firewall is not allowing the program to get data from the internet.
Hope it helps.
Nadia 9 yr ago x
Have you disconnected your micro SD cart? As I remember you should do so before you start the update.
If not cancel the update and start it all over again, also remember that your phone must be charged at least 50% in order to get the update done correctly.
Guru 9 yr ago x
Hi Mike03,

Xperia is a good handheld sets around. PC Companion will take much longer time for the first time as it will collect some data from internet. And it depends on your internet connection as well. Have patience while updating works.

And Nadia, need not to disconnect SD Card to update or Sync.

Have a good day.
Mike03 9 yr ago x
Thank you all for your answers, I really appreciate your help.
I turned off my firewall and tried again, everything worked well after this. Update is done and no any information has been lost.
I am now enjoying my update Android version :D
guest 9 yr ago x
I'm facing same problem with my xperia also. Turned down firewall, but no feedback yet. Removed SD Card also. Switched off and restarted xperia several times. Even restarted my PC. Nothing worked. Plz. help me.

Mojito 9 yr ago x

Here's some checklist to install and sync Xperia with PC.
1) Install PC Companion on your PC.
2) Check the USB connection, plug perfectly.
3) Run PC Companion
4) Do updating softwares, transferring files, contacts, mails etc.

Check this site for best support:
guest 9 yr ago x
Hey Mike03,
It's PC Companion not that you've stated. You may also use Microsoft Active Sync for many Xperia model to sync to a PC.
Nadia 9 yr ago x
Glad everything is fine now Mike :)
guest, I cannot understand if your phone is running Android or Windows system..
The phone on the image has Windows' logo, have you tried to add windows on your Android phone?
houtacone 9 yr ago x
I confirme what said Mike03,
You have to shutdown the firewall, and everything will goes well.

thank you Mike03.
Prakash 9 yr ago x
Hello, can anybody tell me, how to remove unnecessary gadgets from desktop on sony xperia J
Jfuture 8 yr ago x
I have an Xperia 10i and I am trying to update the software through Sony Ericsson PC Combination but is taking too long time,
I turned off my firewall and tried again but do not work....what can i do?
Andy 8 yr ago x
my Sony Xperia S is taking long time for update in to Jelly Bean ..Is it the same problem with every one..tried by switching off the firewall..restarting phone and PC and more ..i tried with Sony_Ericsson_Update_Engine_Setup- but also having problem..please help..cant update my phone :-(
Andy 8 yr ago x
It really sucks man...Sony support do some thing to address this problem....
Sherry 8 yr ago x
hi all
i'm having a trouble about my xperia Z
i tried to update it using the pc companion
but it's stuck in the 3rd step and the phone is off ... and won;t work , any help?
Ashu 8 yr ago x
I am also having same problem like Sherry, am also having xperia Z, but at 3rd step everything is off.
What to do, please help
sam 8 yr ago x
i was updatting my sony experia x10i phone suddenly my bro unplugged the phone .. the update was un successful .. i reconnected it .. is showed repair option .. i clicked on it ... it said said plzz wait nd thats itt .. notthing is happening ....!! what should i do now ...????? plzzzzzzzz help me
abhi 8 yr ago x
how to update my Sony Xperia sola android version to jellybean
wena 8 yr ago x
i was able to update my xperia j phone,and turning it on.. its quite taking a while.... is this normal? how long is a while??? :) help
rocket singh 8 yr ago x
I am a lonely sardar!!! :Op
vartika 8 yr ago x
em updating my ph but due to internet connection it works slowly and at 3rd step i.e update ph got switch off and nothing is happening ......what should i do now ...should i disconnect the usb or wait?......already 1hr has passed and nothing is happening at 3rd step
luck 8 yr ago x
how much time it take to update sony xperia l to 4.2.2 jellybean?? when download is complete?? and updating start??
nik 8 yr ago x
i updated my xperia L but it got some kind of problems after turns off in a row and i dont know what can i do..plz help me
Ash  8 yr ago x
Hi can i use Internet connection from my mobile for updating my Sony Xperia through pc companion
Mubi 8 yr ago x
i am trying to update my xperia j phone but the pc companion stucked in the third step. can anyone actually tell what the problem is??? plx gyux need a reply.....
Mubi 8 yr ago x
it just shows please wait but nothing happens, can anyone help???
admrules 8 yr ago x
i m olso having the same problem it is taking too much of time from downloading from internet at step 2, while i am using a wify network plz help..
Harsha  8 yr ago x
My old phone HTC sensation becomes very hot when I play games. So I had a thought of buying Sony Xperia c I want to know whether it becomes hot when playing an anyone plzzzz
salihclt 8 yr ago x
while upgrading android v4.1.2 to v4.3 in my sony xperia sp using pc companion it took too much time to download the software to computer .once it completed the downloading and i viewed something is updated .but the process of downloading started again .can anyone give any solution plz
Vanshaj 8 yr ago x
i m instlling the new sofyware at my sony xperia L.. its been a long long time and the installation is still taking place... How to stop it. i cant do anything.. plz hlp i want to use my phone.. help me stop the installation..
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