Fake or real picture of the iPhone 5, what do you think?

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Howard Ron 7 yr ago x
Hey friends,

What do you think of this pics. Is it real or fake psd. Many people are using this pics to their blogs and forums whenever there are talking about iPhone 5.

I think this picturises the rumors of upcoming iPhone 5. The Illuminnati.

Please share, if you really know about this or want to know.

Mike03 7 yr ago x

I don't believe this can be done. A screen cannot be invisible with the technology we have now...
Even if it is real, you can see that all the icons are white, I believe it will be working only on the menu screens and not when you are using an application.
Adriana 7 yr ago x
If this is going to be happen, I will visit my local tech store and test it. I would be very exited if this can happen in real! Even if it will be working only on the menus, it would be something really new which can keep me amazed for long time.
DroidAnd 7 yr ago x
Fake, totally fake. Photoshopped and much older items. That is virtually possible only. Anyone with little tech knowledge can tell the difference.

@Adriana; Little pity on you, as you have to wait for a very long years to experience that. Maybe never ever.
Adriana 7 yr ago x
Why not DroidAnd? Technology can send you to the space, why not be able to create a phone like this too?
I wanna hope that there is a reason why this picture was created... :D
Mike03 7 yr ago x
Well, I also agree with DroidAnd, this cannot happen nowadays... Technology has not that power yet, maybe people of the next century will be able to try this phone.
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