HTC Sensation XL accidentally fell into water not working no start frozen

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Dave 11 yr ago x
I had a car accident and my HTC Sensation XL fall into muddy water. Cleaned all the mud with water and wiped with cloth. Now nothing, no start. Screen also got water beneath. No scratch on screen. Plz. help.
guest 11 yr ago x
You've done a very wrong thing, you don't need to clean your Sensation again with water. This may cause water to get into your phone. You should consult with your nearest and a very good mobile servicing center asap.
Dave 11 yr ago x
What would you do then? keep the mud with the phone? Water got into mobile long before I'd cleaned out.
DSK 11 yr ago x
You should've pull out the battery before washing. Try to dry out the set in bright daylight for at least two days. Mechanical intense heat may harm the system, as it's much complicated from inside. After then try charging. If the display shows up, it may work again. But don't press the power button, unless it's been charged full.
Roy 11 yr ago x
Get that phone to your nearest best mobile service center. If they failed, throw it hard on the street. It may sense your sensation a little. Then say loudly " CALM DOWN, CALM DOWN DAVE, YOU HAVE NO WORRY, CALM DOWN". And you may find some peace at least.

Roy 11 yr ago x
Sorry Dave, forgot to add the P.S

P.S: My Blackberry Bold fell into salty water (I was also with that thing) and when I took it to the mechanic, he just grinned after sometime spending on her and told me " You've to spend approximately $300 to make it workable". I just did that thing to her, stated above.
Dev 11 yr ago x
Sorry to you boys. I'd another awkward situation also like this. My Nokia N90 stupidly fell down in the toilet. Though, it was just before I've started. Hurriedly pulled it out, switched it off, removed battery and then used some tissue paper to wipe out. Dried in the sun for about 3 hours then inserted the battery and switched it on. Voila.. it worked as nothing happened.
Nadia 11 yr ago x
My friends' phone fall in the toilet too! What a miracle... He removed the battery and cleaned his phone with clear alcohol. It worked! His phone is just fine and working like new.
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