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JohnP 7 yr ago x
I believe that every owner of an iPhone/iPad/Mac knows about iCloud.
Is an application which lets you connect any data between all your Apple devices. You can add a calendar event using your iPhone, and iCloud will automatically update the calendar on your iPad and/or Mac Book.
You can take a photo using your iPhone and have it on your iPad too within seconds! iCloud can also download a new installed application on your iPhone/iPad to any other connected device.
Apple has created iCloud for PCs too, so if you own an iPhone and not a Mac, you still can use iCloud and connect your iPhone with your PC.

You will love how it lets you use your data on every single Apple device (and PC) without the need of manual data transferring. By the first time you use iCloud you have 5GB free space for your files, if you need more there is yearly fee.
Guru 7 yr ago x
Hey JohnP, Welcome here at foopshi. I'm one of the old man here.

Interesting that you're encouraging people to use iCloud. Though it's on the debate for claiming that Apple and maybe some other party could have a look at your files transferred to iCloud. I do also think that it's not that much safe to store personal data on any cloud based storage service, without encryption.
JohnP 7 yr ago x
Hello Guru, thank you, happy to be here :)
You can choose which files you wish to transfer, and which devices you would like to use.
Have you ever used iCloud?
Guru 7 yr ago x
My dear JohnP,
I'm not that much nuts to comment on, if I haven't gone through the matter. Now the question is, did you read the iCloud's TOS and Privacy Policy completely, if you have used it though.
Here is a simple elaboration of data insecurity for you and peoples who're willing to use iCloud.
Guru 7 yr ago x
Please read the privacy policy of iCloud here.

Maybe, you'll thank me when you find the matter.
JohnP 7 yr ago x
Hello Guru,

I read the privacy policy and I understand that Apple is collecting our personal information but this is happening before we install iCloud. Your personal information will be given to Apple when you create an Apple ID, purchase something from a store or even download a free application.
Is not only iCloud that gives our personal information to Apple, but I agree we should be careful when we share data with iClooud.
Guru 7 yr ago x
Main thing is that Apple may also supply(sell maybe) any information to other 3rd party. This is totally insane.
JohnP 7 yr ago x
Yes Guru, that's true. But Apple is collecting data from any action we do using its' products, this is something which can be discussed for long time... It has to do with personal rights too, but since users agree to give any information to Apple, we cannot do anything.
Nicola 7 yr ago x
If I understood well, I can use this application to transfer files from one iPhone to another, right? That means that I can send my photos to another iPhone?
guest 7 yr ago x
Definitely you can transfer files/photos from one idevice to other idevices that also has icloud installed and are permitted by you.
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