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JohnP 9 yr ago x
Angry Birds turned angry because some green(!!) pigs have stolen their eggs. Each bird has its' technique to hurt the pigs and all together must get their eggs back.

There are 4 versions of Angry Birds (offered free and paid-premium) which you can choose from or you can have all of them! Angry Birds Original, Seasons, Rio and Space. Original is simple and the other are themed versions of the game, the goal stills the same, get the eggs back!

This games has became so famous within a few days. I bet that this game was the first for many Android/iPhone/iPad users, that's because almost everyday you can see it on the top free and paid applications on the Play Store. Is anybody out there who didn't play that game? I spend a lot of time playing angry birds and I only stop when I get angry not passing a level!

Gili 9 yr ago x
Angry birds is one of the most popular games for handheld smartphones. I do also pass about an hour or two collecting eggs on my mobile. And you've got the real thing, being angry while not passing a level.

Liked your comments very much.
JohnP 9 yr ago x
Thank you Gili! I don't spend that much time daily. Playing a game is always relaxing, so I spend a couple of minutes of my brake on Angry Birds.
Guru 9 yr ago x
@JohnP; You're lying. If your 1st post is true, then your 2nd is, and vice versa. In the 1st post you've mentioned that you spend a lot of time playing angry birds and in the 2nd, stated that you spend just couple of minutes on this. Angry Birds will be very angry to you.
JohnP 9 yr ago x
Hello Guru, I though I was spending lot of time (about 20-30 mins, isn't it much for someone who works?). Gili spends 1-2 hours in front of the screen, something that I cannot do on my brake...
Mike03 9 yr ago x
I am not a fun of games at all.. I have tried angry birds and it's nice, I would suggest it to someone who is travelling (bus/train/airplane etc). It helps you pass your time nicely.
Nicola 9 yr ago x
I am playing this game a lot!! I love it and I am "racing" with friends. The one who will be on the higher level by the end of a week is winning a beer! We are having fun.
Guru 9 yr ago x
@JohnP; I'm not blaming you, just mentioned the consequence. When anybody says, I play a lot, that definitely means he plays a lot. But, if he is much busy in business, spending 20-30 mins with a game, is a hell lot of time to him. Gili mentioned Gili's play time, 1-2 hours, straight.

Above all, only it matters that both of you having fun with angry birds.

@Nicola; Loved your "racing" theme and the prize also. Your combination reminds me of childish alphabet reading, A for Angry Bird, B for Beer.

Best wishes to you for a win over your good friends. While sipping remember me and whisper 'Joy Guru'.
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