If my iPhone is stolen can it still be traced?

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Sam 10 yr ago x
Hi, I'm only 13. Got an iPhone on my last birthday. Happy user now. I want to know, if my iPhone is stolen can it be traced? How do I find my stolen iPhone? Any possible suggestion to track it.
AppleMan 10 yr ago x
Hey Sam, Don't worry, if you've already lost that or want to know the fact.

Yes, my dear, you may trace your beloved iPhone, if you've signed up to use iCloud. This is an awesome system with many potential apps, you won't believe if not used.

First you've to enable iCloud on your iPhone and then enable Find My iPhone and Location Services.

If your iPhone somehow missing or unfortunately stolen, You have to log on to your iCloud account. You may use your PC or some other iOS device that has iCloud already. You'll see your devices registered with that account. Chose your stolen device, You'll find 3 options: Play Sound or Send Message, Remote Lock and Remote Wipe. Choose whatever you want to. I suggest to use 'Remote Lock' first. Then send a message to give it back.
Sam 10 yr ago x
Many thanks for the detail instructions. What if the thief switched off the iPhone? It could be tracked down then or not?
AppleMan 10 yr ago x
Sorry Sam. Phone should be on when iCloud track it down. And if that criminal change the sim before you track it's location, you won't find that. This will works only with live phones.
guest 10 yr ago x
I've tried this to check if it works or not. It really works. You can have the map of the area where the device is located.
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