White new iPhone 3GS turns pink on the backside, any solutions?

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Sally 10 yr ago x
I bought a white iPhone 3GS 16GB. Using for 2 years. Maximum time I've used a leather cover to protect it from dust and other hazards. Some days ago, thought I should check the battery and opened it's back cover. Battery is apparently ok, but I found my back cover in pinkish color instead of white.

Is this normal or any problem?
Peggy 10 yr ago x
Did this happen for using leather pouch? Does your leather cover has pink lining inside? If yes, then it might causes discoloration.

Though, I've heard about overheating issues also. You should check your phone often for any overheating at the back.
guest 10 yr ago x
Overheating problem causes to discolor your white iPhone to pink or ash or some mixed pale color. Overheating is not good for your battery and phone. It may explode also. So be aware of this issue.
Mike03 10 yr ago x
I suggest you to visit a local electronic store and tell them about your problem. As people before me said it must be overheating problem. You might need to buy a new battery for your iPhone.
Adriana 10 yr ago x
That is a problem.. Seems that your battery is getting hot and harm the plastic case. You shouldn't worry for the case, as you can buy a new, but go to a technical to check the health of the battery.
Mink 10 yr ago x
I'm looking for a white iphone 3gs. I love white colors. Though, if I could get a pink one, I'll just snatch the deal. But, all I could buy is black here. No white or pink.
Loki 10 yr ago x
Hey Mink, Pink will better goes with your name also. But I suggest you to wait for the new iPhone 5. All the new and breathtaking features will be with that. And you could get the white one.
Nadia 10 yr ago x
Well Mink, you can ask on another tech store, if you still not being able to get the color you want, then try to buy it from an online store.
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