Jailbreak iMessage fix for iphone 4 iOS 5

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Paul 10 yr ago x
iMessage not working on my jailbreak iPhone 4. Updated to iOS 5.1, jailbreak by Redsn0w. Rebooted several times, no progress. Please help.
iGuru 10 yr ago x
Hi Paul,

This is a common problem, don't worry, just follow these steps. Though it's much complicated for new jailbreaker, but, if you could done this right way, it'll work fine again.

Open Cydia and add '' to the source. Install SAM (Subscribers Artifical Module) and SAMpref (preference). This will take some time to completely install. Now, launch SAMpref, Go to Settings-->SAM--> choose “Revert Lockdownd to Stock”. A notification will come to confirm the process. Don't worry. Now choose “De-Activate iPhone” option. Connect your iphone to itunes. Uninstall iPusher app.

Now go to Settings--> SAM--> Utilities. Backup by choosing “Backup Activation” and then “Restore Activation”.

Reboot and sync with itunes. Install iPusher app again. Restart and sync it again with itunes.
Launch iPusher, select “Test Push Notification”. Push notification should works fine. Turn off iMessage from Settings and reboot. After rebooting, turn on iMessage to work fine with your iPhone 4.

Please inform, it worked or not.
Hans 10 yr ago x
It seems iMessage troubled a lot of people after jailbreak. I found many questions and answers regarding this problem in several tech forums and blogs.

I've faced this problem also and got fixed with this Cydia - - Install SAM technique. Though, there was some problem, because mine was untethered jailbreak then.

Now, I've tethered version. No problem. Just singing " HAKUNA MATATA"
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