I forgot my password and I cannot access my LG Nitro HD, how can I reset/remove the password?

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NickLG 11 yr ago x
I was trying to unlock my Android smartphone, but I was typing the password of my laptop and not the password of my phone... After several times of giving the wrong password, my phone was fully locked! Now I cannot even try to fill my password.

I have restarted it many times but nothing changes.. What I have to do to be able to use my LG Nitro HD again?
Mike03 11 yr ago x
Hello Nick,

I have a bid sad news for you... If you have made mistake many times you are not able to do anything. You need to go to the store you bought it from and they will fix it for you.

The bad news is that you will lost some of your data, those which are on the memory card might not be lost.
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