Fantasica Android any cheats/hacks to get free moba coins or 5 star cards

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Richie 9 yr ago x
Do you have any cheats/hacks to get free moba coins or 5 star cards to use in Fantasica game? I mean any secret cheat codes to find some moba coins or cards. I'm much enjoying this game on my Motorola Droid 4. Please send me cheat codes via emails.
Hunk 9 yr ago x
You have to buy them. No cheats/hacks found online for Fantasica to get moba coins or cards.
Sorry buddy, will inform you if found.
hacker79 9 yr ago x
Found a hack for free moba coins, 9999 to be exact
charlie5001 9 yr ago x
hacker79 how do i get the moba coins im struggling bad please message me back when u can, thanku
charlie5001 9 yr ago x
hacker79 im on sansung tab if u need to know device
elmork 9 yr ago x
Yes how do you hack it?
zombiekiller 9 yr ago x
Hacker 79 please let me know how you did it I'm struggling pretty bad.
goodsinister 9 yr ago x
I've been using this method to get unlimited time elixirs on fantasica. It works!


edit admin: link/fake tutorial removed
sweetprincess 9 yr ago x
edit admin: spam removed
Indabut 9 yr ago x
Hacker79. How is this possible?
kaos51 9 yr ago x
hack79 is full of it n just trolling u guys otherwise he wouldve posted how to in his msg or sent original poster then how which in turn wouldve enlightened us
zack99 9 yr ago x
How do it..??
Please let me know with the message,. Thx u
egil 9 yr ago x
Found a way to get 5* free cards. For now i'm testing, but it works!
omg_wheres_the_hack 9 yr ago x
egil. how??????? please tell me i liek just spent the last 2 hours looking for hacks and have found nothing -_- ANYONE PLEASE HELP!!
z 9 yr ago x
hey email me any hacks you got cause im hurting for cards bad(i mean good cards)
Killa0142 9 yr ago x
Only hack/mod i know would be the one to dub ur allies units over ur own during quests. so ud use like a 3* and ur allies 6* then dub ur allie over ur 3* and u and ur allie have the same 6*.
Killa0142 9 yr ago x
it just allows ur to get more high rarity cards which you can sell for te. or the te hack which is hard but it gives u infinite te to use.... so its kinda like having 99999 mobacoins
dukes 9 yr ago x
Here you freakin go. D;
PS. currently working on the app.
Eric107 9 yr ago x
Killa0142 could you show me how to do that 3* hack and the te hack please? send me an email :)
dennis 9 yr ago x
can you send me an email on the tricks you're talking about? would be interested to try them. thanks!
Help1223 8 yr ago x
Please help on this matter, I already spent a lot of money.I was ripped off from this game Fantasica
Chavalaba 8 yr ago x
I'm using a pc-android virtual machine to play a different account to get more items. i like someone to help me check the code to see if its possible to do the hacks. :)
Pintol„o Roludo 8 yr ago x
Search in google for "fantasica hack" or "mobacoins hack".

u will found thousands of hacks...

sorry my bad english, i am half human and half mecha-dragon-ultimate-power ranger. some times, i will press a key in keyboard, and i shoot for acidently a hyper laser beam. xoxo
Player 69 8 yr ago x
google just show us the hacks with surveys which when we complete it, nothing happen ... Don't have no hack for mobage or fantasica in this times :3

Sorry about my bad engrish :D
Ferrer Bicha 8 yr ago x
Hack WITHOUT surveys: ***

*** link needs to be approved
ooops 8 yr ago x
can u give me moba coins?
monkey99345 8 yr ago x
anyone who got the hack to work can you do it for me please?
monkey99345 8 yr ago x
anyone who got a moba coin hack to work, can you do it for me because everything that i try to do doesnt work.
andrew 8 yr ago x
Email kornfan324@msn can some one send me the file please
jay123 8 yr ago x
i have way to be rich in this game, but using hero pts and 2 smart phones..
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