Fantasica Android any cheats/hacks to get free moba coins or 5 star cards

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jay123 10 yr ago x
using it, you can have one 5* card and unlimited 4* card, ambrosia, pot, and te..
_Circe 10 yr ago x
jay123, how do you do this mang?! help us all! save us all! help us kill them all with fire :D
Lirii 10 yr ago x
please send file to i need coins bad!
Ajironjacs 9 yr ago x
Hacker79 how about iPhone version
danielle 9 yr ago x
can someone send me the file at thanks so much
kate 9 yr ago x
can someone send me the file to
thx alot
Loutje 9 yr ago x
can any one sent me the file via email?
Peeps 9 yr ago x
Can you send me the file plz
Deeks 9 yr ago x
I really need coins, if someone has the file, can they please send it to
hnggg 9 yr ago x
might as well.
pls send a guide to

marcolino 9 yr ago x
paul  9 yr ago x
can you plz send the hack to me too this is my email
Kingskirk 9 yr ago x
Can soemone please send the hack in zip without any passwords to mi please>>
jhallanimal 9 yr ago x
I could also use file if some one can send I would greatly aprsiate it.
chaotixxx 9 yr ago x
Can you send file on my email
aileD 9 yr ago x
If you can please send it to me too..
aileD 9 yr ago x
My address:
ashraf 9 yr ago x
we all really need moba coins but still they doesnt seem want to help us :(
Doom 9 yr ago x
There is no hack. It is a server based game. I am sorry but you are all wasting your time. And throwing out your email on the internet and asking for random files from random people... probably not your best idea.
Zeisi 9 yr ago x
Can someone send it to me?

Thanks ;)
ductan81 9 yr ago x
passwords deity wars hack
TeliiJaja 9 yr ago x
You can earn free moba coins by trying some of the Mobage games, I looked for hacks for many hours and I didn't found anything. And in some hacks you have to complete a survey and nothing happens after doing it.
MichaelB 9 yr ago x
wtf LOL I got this Mobage Coins code and I can't believe it actually worked! Hit up ***

*** link needs to be approved
idc 9 yr ago x
Guess what? I found a site that's giving free moba coins away ***

*** link needs to be approved
hnnnng 9 yr ago x
send it to meeeeee email is
agggghhhh 9 yr ago x
Please, send it to me too. My email is
janet 9 yr ago x
please send me the file. have been trying to get it for five hours and nothing works!
zoran 9 yr ago x
please send me file too!!
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