Dinosaur War Android free cheats/hacks for levels gems and crystals on Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Dino 6 yr ago x
Do you know how to use gameguardian to hack levels of Dinosaur War? I'm stuck at level 8 with a few stones only. I'm playing this on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. Need help to make a good use of gameguardian to over pass some levels. I heard it is possible, but found no good solution for me.

Please send me proper method to hack levels of Dinosaur War with gameguardian or some other apps, on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.

tags: how to hack levels, cheats for gems
H.Vaught 6 yr ago x
Hello Dino,

Good name / id for Dinosaur War. Here's a cheat/hack for this game.

First download GG from and install it on your Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.

Then just follow these steps:

1) Open Dinosaur Wars and GameGuardian.
2) When the game starts, search for the amount of stones you have.
3) You will probably gets alot of results, so spend some stones.
4) After you have completed Step 3, search for the new amount of stones you have.
5) You should get less results this time, so keep repeating step 3 and 4 until you have 1 or 2 addresses left.
6) For the last couple addresses change their value to like 999999999.

And enjoy the levels up. Attaching a screenshot of last step.

t.Rex 6 yr ago x
just change the time of ur device after u recruitor make stones change it accrdng to the time it need to be harvested :D hope this helps
kashan 6 yr ago x
plzz help me to hack dinosour war plzzzzz
kiki 6 yr ago x
I have lg optimus l7(I know i suck), I want to hack dinosaur war but I don't know how, can someone help me please?
Dinosauro 6 yr ago x
Alguem me ajuda hackear dinosauro war plizz
Kasalia 6 yr ago x
i only need make resource and go to setting, set date to tomorrow example now is date 23 january 2013 set to 24 january 2013. go to dinosaur war again and look your resource is ready. Ok that from me.
Kasalia 6 yr ago x
anyone want to be my friend in dinosaur wars?
lee 6 yr ago x
parampal 6 yr ago x
boooooooooring dino
sebastien 6 yr ago x
I can not have a bar before you top left with looking like you have when you start the game
anik 5 yr ago x
Is gameguardian available for galaxy Ace and unrooted device
[MC]iyun 5 yr ago x
Rakha 5 yr ago x
give me stone fodder meat and crystal
Bob 5 yr ago x
Saya minta level 70 pliiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzz
firman 4 yr ago x
saya minta cristal,meat,stone infiniti
farhan 4 yr ago x
erlangga 4 yr ago x
gambar dinosaur war

erlangga 4 yr ago x
gambar dinosaur war

erlangga 4 yr ago x
saya minta level saya menjadi 70
erlangga 4 yr ago x
saya minta crystal 99999999
rohan 4 yr ago x
dont worry now you can download dinosaur war cracked apk from
RedKiller 4 yr ago x
Please + 65 levels please:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(
dafaazis 4 yr ago x
saya minta level saya jadi 67
dafaazis 4 yr ago x
saya minta crystalnya 999999999
dafaazis 4 yr ago x
saya minta stone juga
mela 3 yr ago x
How?I don't know I'm just a 10 year old girl?????
Gamer 3 yr ago x
I have already dinosaur war hack this is the screenshots

TUNANG3343 3 yr ago x
Saya mahu crytals unlimited.Boleh?
TUNANG3343 3 yr ago x
Saya mahu crystals unlimited.Boleh?
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