Big Win Soccer free Android game cheats for bucks / how to change kits/jerseys?

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Nick 11 yr ago x
I'm wondering, how some other players constantly changing their teams kits / jerseys from game to game in Big Win Soccer. And I'm using the same kits for every games. Dumb thing.

Do you have any cheat code or secret code to change kits in Big Win Soccer?

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PoP 11 yr ago x
Hi Nick,

Here is a solution for your 'dumb thing' (method of changing hits in big win soccer)

a) Tap the home button and return to the dashboard
b) Double tap the home button
c) The list of active apps should appear at the bottom of your device
d) Press and hold on the Big Win Soccer app and then tap the close sign
e) Restart the big win soccer

This will now allow you to change kits/jerseys. Let me know if this does work for you or not.
Aaron 10 yr ago x
Sometimes when I'm playing big win soccer i play against a really good team with all gold or platinum players and it takes 10 bucks for one pack and sometimes you don't even get players. It takes a hole level to get one big buck but you have to get ten. Sometimes it makes me feel awful.

Can you help me?
sanid 10 yr ago x
Big win soccer free android cheats hacken big buck /Server Down (Samsung Galaxsy S3)
sanid 10 yr ago x
can you help me plisss
:P 10 yr ago x
to change ur kit go to 'my team' and press 'change uniform' and choose 1!
MegaCoke 10 yr ago x
I have Kit 1 xD My name on Big Win Soccer is: Error 404
Babes 10 yr ago x
from which site i have to download this hack
FC Green 9 yr ago x
please give me bucks!
Scott 9 yr ago x
How do I get like 500 free bucks?

Could someone help me?
trollolololololol52 9 yr ago x
How do you get 50000 free bucks WITHOUT installing any apps first? ( big win soccer 2014 )
helmy 9 yr ago x
20000000 BUCK
Galih 9 yr ago x
How to cheat game big win soccer ?
Galih 9 yr ago x
290000 buck
mert 9 yr ago x
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with ody 9 yr ago x
How doi get bucks, email answers
matteo 9 yr ago x

nate 9 yr ago x
Does anyone have any team passwords
nate 9 yr ago x
Does anyone have a team passcode email me it my email is
Wasiuta 9 yr ago x
I need team password to my team ORZEL Przeworsk
AFearlessAloneBacca 9 yr ago x
Eventyr time i try to hack, like thoose WTO make videoen like: Big win soccer no survey. I just do like They sau but... Its and survey, tips and survey event time
Minicose FC 9 yr ago x
Me Want 99999999999999999999999999999999999999 Buck
FC BARCELONA 9 yr ago x
999.999 bucks please!!
rishi 8 yr ago x
how to get big bucks please forward the answer to me and sometime i need to fight against extremely powerfull player help me how to get bucks
Zack 8 yr ago x
Need 9999999999
Phantom Assasin 8 yr ago x
Need 999999999 Bucks
alfitrah kings 8 yr ago x
7000 buck
the Blues f 8 yr ago x
999999999 me!
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