Cartoon Wars Android mobile any glitches/cheat code for gold?

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Katty 9 yr ago x
I'm on level 6 of Cartoon Wars Version 1.0.5 and it needs more gold now to pass. I'm not wanting to spend real money on this game. So, do you have any free hacks, glitches to get more gold to upgrade all my warrior, ninja, gunner, cannon etc.
IOU 9 yr ago x
Hey Katty,

I've found a glitch / hack solution for you. It was published on gamecih. Due to you're on level 6, so, I've customized this solution for you a little.

First download this zip file

#1 check the USB debugging mode
#2 you need titanium backup
#3 extract the 3 files found on my zip file to sdcard/titanium backup folder
#4 open titanum backup
#5 click the backup/restore option
#6 click the cartoonwars and click restore

Open cartoonwars and load game. Enjoy!
Katty 9 yr ago x
Thanks for your hacks, but I can't see any links you might have added. It says ***link needs to be approved

What should I do now?
IOU 9 yr ago x
I think you should wait for some time to see the links I've added. After approving the links by Admins/mods, it may appear on site.

Otherwise, you may visit the gamecih for this glitch/hacks for cartoon wars.
juliusliem 9 yr ago x
thanks man, your hacks is work :)
W.Wizard 9 yr ago x
i in level 130 in cartoons wars!
mj 9 yr ago x
PLS HELP ME I am in level 30 i need gold to upgrade my troops cartoon wars version 1.0.7
mj 9 yr ago x
Hi again I am on level 31 in cartoon wars version 1.0.7 i need gold to pass i am not want to spend real money i need it to upgrade my troops so you have free glitches and hacks pls i need it
lil bullet 9 yr ago x
bruh do they even work if they dont imma mess all yall that post a hack yall gonna walk home with a black eye
papyus 9 yr ago x
I'm on level 132 but does this need root?
alireza 7 yr ago x
hi guys. i have the cartoon wars 2 v1.0.7 . is ther any body have cheat for gold ?
Foooo.... 7 yr ago x
Hello.I have reach level 27 and i need more there anyway to get more gold for my version 1.1.1?
tadit 7 yr ago x
How do i found the cheat in my game?
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