Plant's War Android any free cheats/hacks for leaf and crash fix? (LG Optimus S)

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polo 6 yr ago x
Recently downloaded Plant's War on my LG Optimus S but after 3-5 mins it crashes and all the game settings are auto reset to its original settings. No saved game, nothing.

I thought, Plant's war is a good game from Gamevil, it is though. But, crashing ain't no good. They should fix this problem as soon as possible. I've emailed to Gamevil, but, no response yet.

Anybody has a fix for this crash problem of Plant's War? Also any cheats/hacks for leaf are appreciated!
guest 6 yr ago x
I think you need to uninstall and reinstall plants war to get rid of this crash problem.

BTW LG Optimus S kinda good.. huh.
Romeo 6 yr ago x
If your crash problem fixed, you should check google play for 'Plants War Cheat [Root]' to get instant 5 million gold and leafs to use on plant's war.

How do you feel now? Much better.. huh?
Gary 6 yr ago x
I've also faced this auto reset problem on my Motorola Droid Razr. It just start all from the beginning whenever I start. This is horrible, now, I'm not playing this plant's war anymore.
law 6 yr ago x
i encountered d same problem too.. every two level finished, the game will crash.. my phone is galaxy y gt-5360..
law 6 yr ago x
bdw u can cheat ur plants war using cheat app like cih. if cih is blocked by d game developer, just use a different cheat application. i can boost my gold n leaf to 99999999 and even change my skill stat n level.
niel 6 yr ago x
Hey man to hack gold Must try this cih the game
3.(input number) then type your gold
4.Find this 80d0bf48 then click
5.edit (what you want)
6.Quickly close the cih (stop cih)
Then enjoy.
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