How to get free cookies in Garfield's Defense Android, any hacks/cheats for samsung galaxy s2?

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Kile 11 yr ago x
I'm fed-up playing garfield's defence. Why I need to buy cookies every now and then to feed the cat? Already lost 5 bucks and don't want to spend any more.

Do you have any hacks/cheats to get free cookies in garfield's defense? I'm playing this game on my samsung galaxy s2.
Fifi 11 yr ago x
Here is a hacks/cheats for garfield's defense.
You have to install gamecih first on your samsung galaxy s2. Then follow these steps ..

*Start CIH
*Start Garfields Defense
*Start a stage
*Collect 1 cookie
*Input number 1
*Collect 1 cookie
*Input number 2
*Collect 1 cookie
*Input number 3
*Collect 1 cookie
*Input number 4

By now you should have only one 4bit address left
*Change its value to desired ammount (If you input e.g. 500, you will get 2000 cookies)
*Lock the value

You have to win the current stage in order to receive the cookies.
Milo 11 yr ago x
Tried gamecih to hack/cheat some games including garfield's defense, but, after each time I install gamecih and try to hack any game, my antivirus just block the process and delete gamecih.

Any fix for this gamecih deletion problem?
someone 11 yr ago x
Game developers are just sucking our money. First they develop a game and put it on google play as a free game. But they cleverly hacks our money by the name of upgrades, equipments, golds, coins, cookies, leafs etc.

Why don't you find a suitable free game instead of this kinds of freemium games?
Kile 11 yr ago x
@Fifi; Many thanks for the hacks/cheats. It really works on my Samsung Galaxy S2 to get cookies of Garfield's Defense.

@someone; It is true. Quite true about android market game developers. Most of them are just sucking our precious money. But, we're paying them for our own enjoyment. Thanks for your kind advise.
tif 11 yr ago x
Fifi where do you imput the numbers???!!!!???!!
klyed 10 yr ago x
I agree with tif where do you input the numbers
panagiotisz 9 yr ago x
cookies Samsung galaxy gt 8260 garfield defence 2
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