Rule the Kingdom Android cheat code to get free gold and crystals (LG Optimus One)?

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Yeshim 6 yr ago x
I think Rule the Kingdom is a good game to play around and pass time re-building a fallen kingdom. But it needs real money to play a while and I'm not in that mood to spend real money on this kind of time pass game.

So, do you have any cheat code to get lots of golds and crystals for this game?
BTW, I'm playing this on LG Optimus One.
Forlan 6 yr ago x
Now every game developers are choosing the greedy line to suck gamers $$$. This is really horrible. But there are some geek people also to mess around their income.

Here is a cheat/hack for Rule the Kingdom, but not sure, as I've not used this. You needs to install gamecih software in your LG Optimus One.

Open gamecih, go to input name, type gold. You should get 3 results look for staring gold and change value to whatever you want.
Same with crystals... go to input name and type crystals.

This cheat code is collected from net.
Lasco 6 yr ago x
Thanks Forlan, gamecih hacks worked for me to get 'Rule the Kingdom' golds and crystals on my HTC Desire also.

Many thanks buddy.
tad 6 yr ago x
doesnt work
e40 6 yr ago x
Can't get gamecih is that another way
ppa 6 yr ago x
i need to crystal can't get gamecih is that another way,please.
suji 6 yr ago x
hi, pls tell me to get cheat code for the game rule the world. i also tried to install gamecih but was unsuccessful. mine is micromax A110 mobile... i have stucked up in the game kindly suggest a way to increase gold and crystal....
bunso 5 yr ago x
gago ka ba?
Sepi 5 yr ago x
I want the hack tools for androis,but i cant download it.Please help me and download it and send it to my mail.thanks
vinayak 5 yr ago x
I want the hack tools for androis,but i cant download it.Please help me and download it and send it to my mail.thanks
suraj 5 yr ago x
I want the hack tool for android but I can't download it. I play on Samsung galaxy tab2, and I have no computer to run any .exe file. plz if anybody have apk file for Rule the kingdom plz download it for me and send it to my mail address. thanks.
Vicky 5 yr ago x
I need the Hack of Rule the Kingdom for Windows Phone could any one help!!!!!!!11
Ricky 4 yr ago x
I want unlimited golds and crystals free.
najam 4 yr ago x
you can get money and healt by changing the time of device
Qasim 4 yr ago x
i want that hacking tool in windows 8 any idea how do i get that?
ktc 4 yr ago x
here's a new link. enjoy!!!!


*** link needs to be approved
SoulToCore 4 yr ago x
I found working hack tool for rule the kingdom here: ***

*** link needs to be approved
SoulToCore 4 yr ago x
J 4 yr ago x
You need to link phone to laptop to use hacks on phone games otherwise they won't work.
lucky 4 yr ago x
Say 3 yr ago x

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