Want to remove Skyvi(siri for android) from top bar from HTC One X AT&T

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Mr.T 11 yr ago x
After updating Skivi (Siri for android) from 1.76 to 1.77, it's on topbar of my HTC One X AT&T. I've changed the settings and uncheck 'show in top bar', but still it's on the topbar. This is disgusting when something not under your control. I want Skyvi back to it's regular settings not in my topbar.
Fanta 11 yr ago x
You can't make it down from top bar. It's a server based program and new updated version is programmed to have it on top bar and always active. Nothing to do. Though, you can uninstall it as I've done. Honest advise.
Lasco 11 yr ago x
Hey Mr.T, why don't you threat Skyvi to tear it down? This may work for you. LOL
Amul 11 yr ago x
I never used Skyvi before but used apple siri. Once I've threatened siri to tear it down and it just told me to kiss her. Now, maybe Skyvi will tell Mr.T to kiss her back..Ha..ha...ha.
Fixed it 11 yr ago x
Go to Skyvi then Skyvi Settings uncheck Keep Skyvi in the Top Bar. Worked for the HTC One X
crisarun 10 yr ago x
Skyvy working after uninstallation in the background..its annoying! 9 yr ago x
Remove from top bar
gina macari 8 yr ago x
I have uninstalled skyvi and it still goes on speaking. I just cannot stand it any longer. What can I do to get rid of it totally?
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