Tap Dragon Park Android free cheats gems/jewels and any walkthrough to train baby dragons?

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Vibo 11 yr ago x
Do you know any shortcut walkthrough to train up baby dragons of tap dragon park? I've tried to train them but they are so lazy and after a while want to rest. How ridiculous! Moreover, game developer pocket gems sending msg to buy gems to find good trained dragons. I don't want to buy gems for real money.

Do you have any idea or walkthrough to train baby dragons? And how to get the jewels/gems?
Kyle 11 yr ago x
Keep trying buddy. It needs time to train them up, they will grow slowly. This is developer's trick to earn money. If you don't want to spend much time to play around then just buy gems and find strong dragons to fight trolls.

I'd trained some dragons some times back and it took months to succeed. Have patience and love the game, you'll also succeed.

BTW, tap dragon park is much better free game. There are so many foolish games out there in google play.
Mike 11 yr ago x
You have to spend more time to grow and train baby dragons to fight trolls. It is a slow process. Find and gather baby dragons, feed them in a timely manner and don't push them hard. Try to put them together.
guest 11 yr ago x
Money, money, money. Every game developer list games on google play store as a free game but after download you'll find those games as a money making apps of the developer. Money for level upgrades,coins,golds,jewels etc. This is totally bad. Google also need to look after this matter.
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