Strikefleet Omega free Android game any cheats hacks for Alloy or Megacreds?

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Noam 9 yr ago x
I have downloaded Stikefleet Omega and I haven't stopped playing since then! It's an amazing game which needs lot of thinking and good strategy plans in order to win. You have to save the earth from the Hive Queen and her Brood so that humans will survive.
The way of playing is very easy, you don't need to push any buttons or select gans etc. You only have to drive your gunfights against to the enemys' in order to destroy them. While enemies coming, you have to choose which spaceship you want to fight with the enemys' gunflights in order to destroy them before they reach your main ship.
When you complete a mission you are rewarded with alloy which you can use to buy new ships or upgrade those you already have.

What I liked most about this game are the graphics. There are so real-looking, this game could beat many PC games. I was so glad to discover a game that I can play anywhere and is so high quality and has strategy.
Is anybody else playing this game? I would like to know your opinion on it. Also if anyone has any tips on how to get free alloy and megacreds with cheats or hacks?
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