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Jones 11 yr ago x

Some times ago I loved to play Grabatron version 1.5.4 on my Samsung Galaxy S2. That was fun to capture UFO ships and destroy them. But, unfortunately after a new update, Grabatron version 1.5.5, the game just became unstable to play. So many times it crashed, I just decided not to play any more. Though, haven't uninstalled it from my Samsung Galaxy S2.

Do you have any idea to fix this crashing problem? I'll love to play again if I find any fix for this crashing problem of Grabatron. Also, anybody know any cheats on how to get free crystals?
Mainy 11 yr ago x
Hi Jones,

This unfortunate thing also blocked me to enjoy playing Grabatron for many days. I used to play this game on my Motorola Droid Razr. But uninstalled after crashing problem.

Sad thing is that, I've informed the game developer about this problem earlier. But seems they haven't fix this problem. What to do! Poor developers....
somesaysLol 9 yr ago x
for devices like samsung to fix some crashes just turn of the sound,music and vibrate.
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