fantage cheats 2011 for ecoins stars free membership non members june july

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guest 11 yr ago x
Fantage Mini Game Cheats: Wild Discveries Event Pa4/4 - YouTube: Fantage Mini Game Cheats: Wild Discveries Ev...

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guest 11 yr ago x
Get ready... Fantage Easter Egg Hunt will be out soon, and the cheats will be posted here.
guest 11 yr ago x
Latest pdf -> Fantage Cheats: Fantage cheats and game tips at
shayshay 11 yr ago x
i got hacked and 2000 ecoins are missing can i get them back
nicole 11 yr ago x
i got hacked too and lost 90000 ecoins and 1000000000 stars and lost some cloth if i dont get them back then i am going to tell people to stop playing fantage get them back plz i am not afraid
nicole 11 yr ago x
FYI i want them tommarow
faith 11 yr ago x
i got hacked and lost 100,0000 ecoins and i lost the same amout for my stars so plz give me them back im user faith9721.

faith 11 yr ago x
im sad because 25 mins ago i bout new clothes and i traded my gems for lucky bobs then i ext out and i just log in and my new clothes r gone

Nina414 11 yr ago x
I'm missing 50,000 stars and e-coins please help me
humamzaeim 11 yr ago x
i got hacked for 100,000 ecoins and 10000 stars can you give me back or i will tell people to not play fantage ever
Anirudh 11 yr ago x
For every hacking or trouble contact '' immediately and inform them. Don't disclose your password to anybody.

Anything about Fantage:

tags: fantage, fantage help, fantage cheat, fantage ecoins
Nina417 11 yr ago x
i lost 80,000 econis and the same as my stars im a member i need help plz help pretty plzz
miyuki 11 yr ago x
someone is using my account without permission!!!!!!!! when ever i play it says someone else is using it my account is call nano1598
shania 11 yr ago x
i keep on going on fantage and i keep on losing 1000000 stars and i bought a new house
but i sold it cuz the other house i had bought it with e coins :(
shania 11 yr ago x
omg someone on my fantage cant she or he get off it its just to much to deal with SOMEONE USING MY FANTAGE WITHOUT MY PERMISSON i feel like slaping them over and over again til they die cuz i luv my fantage she or he bought me horrible clothes used my 400000000000 stars and wtf
shania 11 yr ago x
i got hacked
shania 11 yr ago x
just give me bak shania0684 if the person who hacked my fantage is looking at this comment
fariy 11 yr ago x
omg some one hacked my fantage and my brother is just dancing around and saying lalalalalllalala i feel like punching him but my mom will get mad such a same
the poor girl 10 yr ago x
Listen people i got the most serious problem ever! Some stole my membership code erased all my houses! and they deleted my buddies! AND THEY DELETED MY E COINS AND STARS I HAD 100,000,000 TOTAL!!! AND ALL MY CLOTHES BUT A PLAIN SHIRT!!!!! PLEASE GIVE IT BACK WHO EVER YOU ARE OR YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!!
Kaif632 10 yr ago x
I want 90000000eCoins
darkhent1232 10 yr ago x
hai 2 all you need ecoins ill show you
sweetgirl282 10 yr ago x
you guys r really stupid! You Guys Know That They Well Tell You That You Didn't Purcase Any Ecions! Then The Well CHECK How Many Stars You Actally Have!!!
maddi 10 yr ago x
hi,if you guys want e coins and membership THEN listen to me go to
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