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OMGPOP's 'Draw Something' is a huge success on facebook. And gaming giant Zynga bought it from it's developer OMGPOP. It's a draw and guessing based games and millions of facebook users are playing this. Here's a cheatcode for GLITCH (baloono) When you are a ghost and the sudden death appears, stand where a stone about to fall, go under it and get hit by the stone. Most of the time (maybe all of the time) it will show your ghost form go into that pose of a bubble, blink for little bit, and then your ghost will disappear. You can't move, because a. you cant see yourself. and b. you are off the whole board, and trapped under a rock. This only can happen when you have 3 or more players, and you have to get to the death round, with someone already dead. Note~~~ I'm pretty sure this is so with you being alive, and a stone falling on you too.

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