Want to open account on pinterest, how to do that, any advise

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Sara 11 yr ago x
Hi, I'm Sara, I would like to open an account on pinterest. Anybody knows how to? Please inform about the procedure in details. Don't give me wrong idea. I'm not that much of a fool.
Guru 11 yr ago x
Hi Sara. Where are you from? That's not related to open account on pinterest, just asking.

Invitation needs to open accounts on Pinterest. You may got that invitation from your friends or knowing person, who has accounts on Pinterest. Or you can seek invitation right from Pinterest team. Go to pinterest site, there you'll find that option. You're not that much fool to not to find the option on pinterest, I assume. You also mentioned that. After that they'll guide you through to properly manage your profile and board.
Mike03 11 yr ago x
Hello to both of you :)

I searched up the Pinterest and what I found on their help page is that you can request an invitation from Pinterest team as Guru said, and when you receive your invitation, you will need to connect via Facebook or Twitter. There is no registration form.

Hope I helped :)
Sara 11 yr ago x
Yippy... I'm now on Pinterest. Thanks Guru and Mike03 for your kind advise. And Guru, I was little exited hovering all over the site to find a registration button. Fatal error. Thanks again.
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