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Kate 11 yr ago x

I'm Kate (not middleton) from Barnsley, Yorkshire. Want to buy a new mobile, probably some android operated cool smartphone within my budget. I heard that Argos has a very rich and comparatively cheap priced mobiles. I have no idea about Argos. Do you have any practical experience shopping from them? Was it good enough to share? Do they really sell cheap mobiles or just fumbling? How do I make payments from here? Please advise.
Juno 11 yr ago x
Hi Kate,
Argos is one of the biggest chain-shop in England. You can rely on them for shopping anything found in their cart. You may shop and pay online for a home delivery (if applicable) or place an order online to reserve for pick-up from your nearest Argos store or you can personally visit any Argos store, make a choice and just pay over the counter.

If you want to shop online, I suggest, not to hurry and check if there are any sign like 'cross', ' * ' or some other kind. It means, the product has some conditions to check properly.

There are many promotions may be found to avail. Check that out.

Best of luck.
Ed 11 yr ago x
Hi Kate,

I'm Ed. You may find smartphones ranging from 35-200 bucks on your nearest argos outlets. But, I suggest not to shop online for buying any mobile phones. There are a lot of things to check. You may choose some another model or color or brands from many brands.

Argos is a good and trustworthy dealer but, why not check the product in person.
Winona 11 yr ago x
One of my friend bought HTC Explorer from one of the argos shop in humphrey street. But, he found that a bit faulty. Home key needs strong tap to operate. But, they refused to change as that was excluded from 30 days money back offer.

So, be aware to get any faulty mobiles, check, check and check before buying.
RomanLo 11 yr ago x
To be honest, I haven't bough anything from Argos. Even though if you wish to buy a phone from the internet because you can find it for cheaper price, be sure you will read many reviews from many sites. There are scam companies which are paying for fake reviews. Just be sure you will not loose your money.
Juno 11 yr ago x
Hey RomanLo, Argos is not any scam shop. Please, be sure when commenting about any reputed company like argos or some other like that. Not all the online shops are bad. And keep in mind, argos is not only an online shop. It has so many retail outlets all over Great Britain.

It's fine to check before you buy.
RomanLo 11 yr ago x
Hello Juno,
I didn't meant to say that Argos is a scam site, I just told that we should check before giving our money. I mentioned that I am not a customer of Argos, so I cannot know anything about their services, I just read that they sell cheap priced mobiles and though it would be good to read some reviews first.
Adriana 11 yr ago x
Hello Kate,

I am using ebay. Is very good place to find stuff for cheap price. You can try to win an auction, most of the times I get electronics for very low prices from auctions.
Marphy 11 yr ago x
You should check some other prominent mobile phone shops also. And don't forget to visit mobile service provider like T-Mobile, O2, Orange, Vodafone, 3 outlets to find any promotion or exclusive deals with package of your choice.
Mike03 11 yr ago x
I would suggest you to search for it on Amazon, is a site which you can trust and you don't need to worry about the payment and the shipment.
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