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admins 9 yr ago x
- Dit not receive a PIN code? Make sure it didn't go to your junkmail/spam folder.

- PicUp problems (iOS):
We have added a new option "link to image". You can copy and paste any link here.

If you would like to upload from your Photo Album, and Picup fails to show the image here:

1) Go back to Picup
2) Check the Upload History and click the image
3) Search for the image url (something like http://..............xxxx.jpg).
4) copy and paste that image url here and click "go".

Sorry for the inconvenience, but Apple won't allow direct uploads from the Photo Album and the Picup app is a bit buggy.

- Still having problems creating/uploading your avatar? Problems with PicUp? Please ask here for help.
Pastelera (Siomix) 9 yr ago x
Hello admins.!! Sorry pero tengo problemas para entrar al foro de los
Pitufos y al de recetas de chef,espero
Lo resuelvan pronto.!!!
admins 9 yr ago x
What is the exact problem? It's loading fine here (also on an iPhone). Can you post a screenshot?
Kali Pitufina 9 yr ago x
Admins no puedo subir mi avatar
Duchis 12 9 yr ago x
No puedo conseguir un avatar mi iPod es tercera generación si se puede o no
pokispoks 9 yr ago x
Hi Admins! no puedo conseguir un avatar. me pide un code que no tengo....
admins 9 yr ago x
@Duchis 12 and @pokispoks

- go to "upload your avatar"
- fill in your e-mail address
- click SEND
- check your e-mail for the PIN code

(Both of you have not done this!)
admins 9 yr ago x
Hi pokispoks,

Could you please e-mail us the image you would like to use, so we can find out what the problem is? Thank you!

You can reply to the e-mail with the PIN you received.
pokispoks 9 yr ago x
hola Admis,

aqui va la imagen!!
pokispoks 9 yr ago x
soy muy torme... decididamente!
es pitufo pintor... lo he cogido de imagenes de google... pero no se ve...
admins 9 yr ago x
@pokispoks you picked an image that is wrongly named as JPG, because the real format is BMP. Unfortunately our systems don't support BMP, only JPG or PNG.

Do you know how to convert the BMP to JPG yourself?
pokispoks 9 yr ago x
No se convertirlo, pero busco otra sino... esta mañana si lo converti pero se segui viendo negro...
lo intento con otra.

admins 9 yr ago x
Ok we converted it for you, you can use this image if you want

Just copy and paste:

in the "link field".
pokispoks 9 yr ago x
Thanks Admins!
lo usaré en cuanto papa pitufo me nombre oficialmente!!!
mil gracias!
pokispoks 9 yr ago x
ademas, solod ecirte, que era esa la imagen, me parece muy graciosa.

Ana 9 yr ago x
Admi. I did try to get my avatar tree time and I'm still not had. I used the password the yours guys send me twice, I'm had pic up program and doesn't work. Can you please explain me. What else I'm I need to do for get my avatar. I had iPhone 3GS.
admins 9 yr ago x
@Ana thank you for reporting this. It seems that Picup updated their app yesterday, and the new update doesn't work currently. Sorry about this.

In the meanwhile, you can still use the "link" field.
admins 9 yr ago x
@Ana This should be fixed now. Please try again. Do let us know if you face any problems.
🌷Pitufa jardinera🌷Hociquitos 9 yr ago x
Gracias por la ayuda,pero sigo teniendo problemas con picup. Ahora no me dice:sorry safari bug. Pero tampoco me deja poner la imagen! No tengo experiencia con la tecnología. Q puedo hacer??
🌷Pitufa jardinera🌷Hociquitos 9 yr ago x
Me sigue diciendo lo de: sorry safari bug.
Yo cierro la ventana, pero luego o bien me deja la pantalla en blanco y me obliga a buscar el foro de nuevo,o bien me devuelve al foro pero sin imagen. Que puedo hacer??
admins 9 yr ago x
It seems the new PicUp has too many bugs. You are using an iPad right?

We will let you know soon, once we have a better solution. Sorry about this.
🌷Pitufa jardinera🌷Hociquitos 9 yr ago x
Gracias por las respuestas. Esperaré a q me deis una nueva solución,pues sigue sin funcionar. Mi iPad no tiene jailbreak,y juego con 3G
Jowito81 9 yr ago x
People send me many presents and i don't receive anything!!what can i do?if somebody could help me, it will be great!!
Jowito81 9 yr ago x
I added people throught game center..
1moymen 9 yr ago x

1moymen 9 yr ago x
gracias admin ya se xq no podia subir fotos!!
admins 9 yr ago x
Good to see it's working for you :)
Sacha2002  9 yr ago x
Hello admins
I have problems to send pictures.... What can i do?
Sacha2002  9 yr ago x
Sorry! I have another problem , i can't see who send me presents. Why becouse i have conecction
admins 9 yr ago x
@Sacha2002 We have added instructions in the topic start (see first comment above, "Picup problems"). Please check if this solves your problem?

Sorry, can't help you with game problems!
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