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guest 12 yr ago x
I don't like that you have to pay to breed. You already paid for the animals, and it's hard to get money and stars. Anybody know any cheats?

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guest 12 yr ago x
It would be cool if you could cross breed and if you can post your own comment! I can't buy any food venders, why is that? And how can I expand my zoo? I have enough money?
guest 12 yr ago x
You now have to pay to breed your animals. You should be able to crossbreed animals like tiger + zebra or something :)
Savanna 12 yr ago x
I found out an easy way to get millions of coins in just minutes! I have over 15,000,000 right now. All you have to do is save up to 120,000 coins and go to store. Then you go to buildings. Buy six of the buildings with the burgers on top & send all six to your storage. Next, go to page 1 of your storage and sell all 3. & go to page 2 then sell the other 3. Before you click the X, keep going back to page 1 & page 2 selling the buildings over and over. I tried to explain this as best as I can. Sorry if you can't understand this. ;/
But idk if it only works on my Droid or if it works on the internet too. I haven't tried it on the internet yet. Good luck & post back if it works for you too! :)
sporty 12 yr ago x
How do you advance in rank?
biggs  12 yr ago x
Does anybody have a cheat to increase your level very fast?
lesley  12 yr ago x
What are all the crossbread combos?
guest 12 yr ago x
Can you play Zoo Club online without downloading? If you can, where is the site that it is located at?
Lot 12 yr ago x
The money cheats works for me too. I've tried it with a popcorn stand, worked like a charm!

I'm was wondering if anybody has a way to get through the levels quicker. i have the money now, but I can't expand because I need higher levels :(
DanYELL 12 yr ago x
I want to know cross breeds too! So far I have giraffe + turtle, penguin + giraffe, penguin + tiger, and panda + tiger. What are others??
Dakz 12 yr ago x
I have dragon+giraffe and panda+giraffe
katiehkat 12 yr ago x
There has to be a cheat or a way to level up fast. All I'm doing is heaps of shows. Trying to go to level 15 is taking forever! Can anyone help? XD
Me 12 yr ago x
When you cross breed does it matter if they are girls or boys?? Someone hero me with some combos. They just don't seem to work!! Thanks.
guess who 12 yr ago x
Still works getting that money. I started crossbreeding with a giraffe and panda. When i put it in the zoo i suddenly could use the whole zoo. With the use if the money i have build a great zoo with lots of animals
tammy 12 yr ago x
Savannah cheat for getting credits totally worked on my HTC.thanks!
guess who 12 yr ago x
Cheetah x dragon. An other combination.
Anyone ?????
sabba 12 yr ago x
I don't have any other combinations but I have seen a bluish striped panda in others' zoos that I can't figure out. There have got to be more combos.

As far as a cheat, I can breed without having enough coins, I just have to try a couple times in a row and it will let me thru. So I breed the more expensive animals till I have several and then sell them all.
Also once I started cross breeding, when I released my first baby it automatically gave me the biggest zoo too.
boobs 12 yr ago x
Why isn't it letting me level up from level 13?
I've gotten enough stars soo many times (like 3000/3000-7000/7000) and it just keeps making the amount of stars I need grow. I like this game but this really is pissing me off... PLEASE HELP. I need level 14 to expand
Sydney 12 yr ago x
Yea as soon as I put a crossbreed animal into the zoo it automatically gave me the biggest zoo on accident I guess too.

Also yea Savanna was right about that money trick lol.

For cross breeds I haven't ventured more than the ones mentioned here already but Sabba that blue striped panda is a result of a tiger and panda.

And @Boobs (ahem lol) I had the same problem until I updated to the newest version of the game. And after I updated it seemed to have kept track where I should have been cause I advanced two levels. If you already updated then I dunno good luck :/
guess who 12 yr ago x
Hi boobs. Same problem here. Not getting to lvl 14. No update availeble.
Any way. Saw an other cross. Don't know how to make it. It is one of those expensive horses but its white with tiny spots.
Kira 12 yr ago x
Does anyone know if your animals can die if you don't feed them and how long they can go?

Also along those lines how long can I be away from the game before something bad happens I dunno like neglect or overflow of trash lol?
pj 12 yr ago x
adding cross breeds to my zoo didn't make it expand :( but the money trick worked. Now that I have money I have no where to put the stuff i'd like to buy.
Nice combo is a zebra + panda = Blue striped panda. He's cute.
pj 12 yr ago x
GOT IT !! to get the bigger zoo you have to add a cross breed animal to a zoo that is already at capacity and it will add the cross breed with a new habitat and expand your zoo all the way. :0)
zooey 12 yr ago x
at the moment i only got horse, dragon, zebra, tiger, monkies, elephants cos i dnt hav any zookeeper, can I cross any of those? cos it just breed the last animal i selected between the two i tried to breed, and also difficult to get zookeeper no matter how many I try to add. Oh also to get level 14 is taking forever. Any idea plz?
guess who 12 yr ago x
Have you checked the my zoo keepers screen. It is next to ad a comment
Charlie1 12 yr ago x
PJ: I tried a zebra anda panda and I just came out with a normal panda! any ideas? :O(
guess who  12 yr ago x
It should be a tiger and a panda or a giraffe and a panda
fayeily 12 yr ago x
The blue panda is a tiger and a panda.
I cant work out any other combinations, anyone else have anymore??
guest 12 yr ago x
Does anyone know how to crossbreed to make the llama or white horse? You can crossbreed the turtle and giraffe, and the giraffe and panda, and the giraffe and penguin for spotted animals. Any other combinations?
Hannah 12 yr ago x
How can I get zoo keepers ive added people and it keeps saying I have requests but I click on it and there isnt anything there??
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