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zooey 12 yr ago x
Yes guess who. My zoo keeper page always show empty. sometimes it tell me that there are pending zookeeper request but when i go to the page there r none.?
Hannah 12 yr ago x
Exactly I cant get any new animals til ive got zoo keepers any idea how to sort it?
Lala 12 yr ago x
So I was exicted about the latest update. It has a unicorn, ballon stand and new crossbreed combos. I was checking out the new features and I accidentally closed the game. When I opened it back up all my coins and stars were gone. Additionally, my habitats were all where I left them but all the animals were gone. Lastly the star menu isn't opening so I can't go to storage, the nursery, the store etc. WTF?! I finally had enough money to pimp my zoo out but everything is gone. Has this happened to anyone? I don't want to uninstall it, then have to reinstall it and have to start my zoo from scratch. :-( I was on level 51 that took forever!
Sachie 12 yr ago x
We tried the money trick, but the latest update must have fixed that because it didn't work on the Droid X for us. :(
Sachie 12 yr ago x
well so far, I have cross breeds of:

Anyone else have successful crossbreeds they want to share?
guest 12 yr ago x
Dragon and giraffe
PotionsMaster 12 yr ago x
A trick to getting more coins is to add a comment for a gift and then send yourself trees. Fruit trees tend to be the most profitable. Once you accept the trees as gifts they are sent to your storage and you can sell them. It also helps if you change your name to something along the lines of sendfruittrees so anyone else sending gifts will send you good ones.
Charlie1 12 yr ago x
How do you add comments when you want to ask for specific kinds of gifts?
zooey 12 yr ago x
@potionsmaster. does dat trick only work wit latest version? I tried it but it doesnt show that i recieved gift?
zooey 12 yr ago x
@charlie1. U go to social page and add comment but to ask for specific gift u can go to setting page and change your name to whatever u wanna say. hope dat make sense
Charlie1 12 yr ago x
Thanks @zooey :O)
PotionsMaster 12 yr ago x
@zooey. I've been doing it since I started playing the game and it's always worked. But sometimes if you have the old version it takes time for the gifts to show up.
soezer 12 yr ago x
Hello Im at level 18 now but takes forever to get to 19... Pffff I still don't know where I can read the comments that people gave me??? And there are only locked gifts (in my gifts) they won't open and there are 10 of them so I can't get other gifts.... :-( please help!
Sachie 12 yr ago x
Soezer, when you are in your zoo, click the "star" tab that takes you to all the menu choices. There is an icon in the image of a notepad, that is where you will find comments other users have left you. As far as locked gifts, I thought they fixed that with one of the previous updates? Sorry I can't help with that one if its still glitching for you. I have a Droid so I have to go to the market from time to time, click on my apps and see if I have updates from there. Hopefully that issue will get fixed soon
Laura 12 yr ago x
Laura 12 yr ago x
Sachie 12 yr ago x
Happy monkey/Cute Monkey + Lion
Dragon + Giraffe
Dragon + Cheetah

I love the Hippo+Turtle, its like the Bowser of Zoo Club world.

Too bad for me, I got up to lvl 120, the last update I was able to get the Toucan, then my Droid Incredible 2 glitched and cellular company as a last resort instructed me to do a hard reset. I lost EVERYTHING in my zoo, and have to start all over again. I'm not. RIP Sachie's zoo.
Clairy mcfairy 12 yr ago x
I am new to this game and I can't seem to move an enclosure. As soon as I let go it stays red and then that's it. I can't get out of that screen and the enclosure doesn't stay where I left it. Please help me as I like everything else but this is really driving me nuts!
brebear 11 yr ago x
heeeey someone should post the cross bread combos and any cheats to get you coins or level up quicker =)
MyC 11 yr ago x
These are the combinations I've found....
LOL 11 yr ago x
I tried the money trick, it didn't work on my HTC. :( dos anybody have eny other tricks?
Rocker1030 11 yr ago x
Follow the quests. You will eventually hit glitches that seem like its freezing. While it does sometimes freeze it is mostlikely hitting the glitch. Keep hitting yay! And you can level up as much as you want
imkarla 11 yr ago x
How do i tip my zookeepers?
bobmarley420 11 yr ago x
How i do to get the special horse???
Jacqie1972 11 yr ago x
@imkarla: go to 'my zookeepers', press 'visit' and then press 'tip'

Does anyone know how to get the new item 'bucks' which you need to buy the new buildings?
myanimalskeeper 11 yr ago x
I've found a cheat when you go to others zoos and do a wage and collect money hit the wall notepad in the bottom right corner and exit out and it will give you some money and keep doin it over and over and sometimes my phone freezes
bearst 11 yr ago x
I have all the cross breeds and all the animals even the fish but i wnt more i want to no how 2 get zoo bucks
Johnlennon924 11 yr ago x
Can somebody tell me all the new cross breeds.
Jacqie1972 11 yr ago x
@johnlennon924. There aren't any new cross-bredds the last updates. They promise new ones the next update tuesday.
@bearst. You earn 1 zoo buck each day with the daily bonus. they promise that in the next update there will come more possibilities to earn zoobucks. I'm happy with that because it would take a very long time to get the 3 buildings (I also have all the animals, fish and every possible cross-breeds)
bobmarley420 11 yr ago x
How i do to buy the reptiles house???
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