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Dear sabba 11 yr ago x
To get the blue striped panda all you have to breed is the panda and tiger. It's really easier than it looks. I'm not sure why it's blue though... Haha..
Zoey:) 11 yr ago x
Is there like a cheat for getting your zoo like clean anddoo all of the shows on its own coz i have a lot of animals to take care of
Marie080 11 yr ago x
Does anybody know how to get the animals out od the nursery on zoo club?
evee waz HERE!!! 11 yr ago x
You have to tap the animal then instead of zoo show it should say send to zoo
swoosy 11 yr ago x
Can have your animals go back to the orginal color after they change?
evee waz HERE!!! 11 yr ago x
You can but its really hard to. I let you know when i figure it out.
cole 11 yr ago x
Mine does not have buildings heeeeeeeelp. Please
bob 11 yr ago x
Any way to get zoo bucks faster? Any money cheats for zoom
apple 11 yr ago x
Some animals change color by cross breeding, and that can't be undone. You can change the color of other animals by feeding them different chroma berries. It's hard to undo, tho.
The cheat master 11 yr ago x
I have a cheat where you bye 7 burger joints then you sell them and bye a dragon and by a burger joint again then have your your dragon sent to the nursery then you come back and you are a billionaire or millionaire one of them but there you go I have 150,000,000
Marek 11 yr ago x
Is there a easier way to get money then the burger shop
evee waz HERE!!! 11 yr ago x
You can do zoo shows, collect from shops and habitats, or sell animals
See you soon 11 yr ago x
Why do I keep losing service
guest 11 yr ago x
My zoo club app (on my NOOK™) keeps saying "will not connect",level 42 don't want to start over. What do i do?
zoo 11 yr ago x
Hi ticket masket,what do u mean by sending the dragon to the nursery. Thanks,
Like a boss 11 yr ago x
Whats the highest level, because im level 66 now
wheelzgirl003 11 yr ago x
I am at lvl 125 and trying to figure out if there is a way to pull more Zoo bucks only have 18 zoo bucks and what are these ways of getting more money have they put in a update to prevent the cheat?
gooberface 11 yr ago x
I tried the trick for getting lots of coins but it doesn't work on the nook. How do you get more zoo bucks? Any other cheats that would work on the nook? I also found that if you keep hitting "send me a gift" you can send yourself all of your gifts and then send them back to yourself
CSH 11 yr ago x
I cannot get Chroma berries to turn animals colors. Any suggestions? Otherwise I guess it's just a glitch that has stayed through two updates. (Seemed to work when I first played)
looloo 11 yr ago x
So you feed berrys too change the color and how long does it last
gooberface 11 yr ago x
How do you get reindeer and pumpkins? I play on my nook so android cheats don't work. Any suggestions?
the boy of asia 11 yr ago x
Girls, look me up, im George Lopez
mrs jack 11 yr ago x
The animals will go back to their real color when you feed them something other than the berries
the ehippo 11 yr ago x
I know every crossbreed. They NEED to make some for zebras.
the ehippo 11 yr ago x
Check wifi connection failures

the ehippo 11 yr ago x
How do u get an age besides baby?
Fun Zoo 11 yr ago x
the money cheat doesn't work for the color nook. Does anyone know of a good breed/sell for money? Like which one for the most cash? thx
the ehippo 11 yr ago x
Seriously, is there even another age?
matt moore 11 yr ago x
the ehippo tell me all the crossbreads please
the ehippo 11 yr ago x
Monkey tiger, tiger panda, panda giraffe, hippo turtle, turtle flamingo, monkey lion, cheetah dragon, cheetah lion, koala tiger, penguin tiger, penguin giraffe, toucan elephant, turtle giraffe, giraffe dragon, elephant turtle, kangaroo cheetah, i think thats it
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