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Mary2211 11 yr ago x
Myanimalskeeper, that wage money trick really works! Thnx!
Mary2211 11 yr ago x
On the zoo shows, does it matter how well you did on it for the amount of money? Cause I did a zoo show and i got no stars and i got 513 coins. Then i did another one with three stars and only got 330 coins. That doesnt seem fair to me. Does it matter, or is it random?
pinksugar 11 yr ago x
I have an easy money cheat:
all u have do is buy the tropical stand.when u have collected the 1000 dollars it raises put it in ur storage then take it out and put it in ur zoo get 1000 dollars without waiting 8 hours do this as many times as u want
shadowswift192008 11 yr ago x
okay... if you update the game, you may not do the trick savanna posted, but if you didnt, try might still work. if you updated it, like chubbygirl said, you can send urself gifts and sell them afterwards. hope this helped!
rebeca linly 11 yr ago x
I dont understand hw u cross breed h exactly do u do it
other_zoo_user 11 yr ago x
Anyone know how the building to collect all coins work?? you only have to tap it one on top?

I work with robots and was thinking to do a robot to tap the screen 24h a day every 5 minutes with a stylus. Could be worth to invest in zoobucks.

Is there any building that pay you with Zoobucks??
zoo_random 11 yr ago x
To Mary2211:

The shows pay you randomly. Around 300 coins more 10 coins for every start.

To rebeca linly:
There only a small chance (around 17%), but from time to time you get a new cross-breed animal. With his new habitat.
kayta 11 yr ago x
How do you make your pandas blue with stripes?
x 11 yr ago x
I know a way to get coins post a comment then add yourself then give your self gifts to sell eat and get zoo buks
jake 11 yr ago x
To get a woke bunch of money on the Android version go to your wall and send yourself a comment then click gift yourself, look for torches and tables, go claim them then go to your storage and sell them... IT'S FREE MONEY!!!!!!
zoo master 101 11 yr ago x
X 11 yr ago x
Thanks x but do u have any idea on how to get a whole bunch of zoo bucks
zoo master 101 11 yr ago x
Kayta, buy a tiger and a panda, then click the star go to breed, then click on tiger or panda and breed the tiger with the panda or vis versa
ahuynh 11 yr ago x
if you want to earn money quicker add comment gift me. Then you gift your self tiki torches and picnic benches and sell them. Each one you sell is 11.500 coins
missy 11 yr ago x
Havent been able to access zoo club in 2 days. Any one else having this problem?
rose 11 yr ago x
A way to get coins on zoo club is to send your self gifts like the tiki torches they cost $11,000 coins
wacky 11 yr ago x
In the new zoo club you can do every thing even cross breed

anomones 11 yr ago x
I have a monkey tiger
Toby12345 10 yr ago x
to get coins breed Ducks-Male, they only take 1 minute to breed and sell for $64k - easy money!!
jonas 10 yr ago x
Hey,does anyone know how to get more stars?
Jonas 10 yr ago x
@bearst.You earn at least 3 zoo bucks a day,Jacqie was WRONG.

Jacqie,what are ALL the cross breads,I want to know and what they lead to plz.
the ehippo 10 yr ago x
Tambra 10 yr ago x
I'm new at this game but I love it! The problem is I have too many animals and when I try to expand it says I have to be at least at level 5 - which I'm at level 9 - BUT I have to take the expansion tutorial. I CANT FIND THE EXPANSION TUTORIAL! Any help would be greatly appreciated - I'm so addicted to this game!
Cindy 10 yr ago x
How do you get the dragon+cheeta to work. I have been trying forever and cant get one. Any help would be great
madiynnjaxin-xo 10 yr ago x
Add me ! Username is the one displayed. Will someone tell me nook cheats?
the ehippo 10 yr ago x
Umm....they added probability to crossbreeding. The best technique is to try over and ove ragain until you get one.
random person 10 yr ago x
Omg tried money thing didnt work i spent all that money for nothing all yalls who said it works are noobs and frauds i tsaid it would work on my droid but didnt
cooldiva 10 yr ago x
Donna 10 yr ago x
How do I accept an invitation to be zoo keeper and how to I say yes to being a zoo keeper. I have a nook and have tried looking under zoo keepers, social, notes etc and I am confused. Also, anyone know how to advance levels quickly or with a cheat.
Lindsey 10 yr ago x
Hey everybody any designs for my zoo my name is Lindsey*IM FULL COUNTRY* if u have any please post on my wall thxx
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