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guest 12 yr ago x
So much better than Lane Splitter. Runs great on my Incredible. Would be nice if you could adjust the control sensivity.

tags: racing moto, cheats, sound, lane, splitter, HTC, EVO, Samsung
guest 12 yr ago x
Uhm, not even close to Lane Splitter: bad graphics, bad sensitivity, and bad sounds. Lags. I played it on a Moto Droid pro.
guest 12 yr ago x
Perfect on my htc evo 3D. Good graphics, sound is ok, but how can I send this game to my SD card?
jaan 11 yr ago x
How do i unlock biks without geting to the points reqierd or send me some cheat codes
ravin 11 yr ago x
how to get more points in racing moto
bumbum 11 yr ago x
focker 11 yr ago x
All the cheats for racing moto
sams 11 yr ago x
How to get more points
Leelee 11 yr ago x
Good graphics and all but my bro got a good highscore his highscore is 48,024 and my dad and me cant even beat it cuz ya gotta concetrate
saquipe 11 yr ago x
how do i get more points; or other cheating codes...
sutiba 11 yr ago x
This game is very...very bad
Leelee 11 yr ago x
You cant get cheat codes amd to get more points you need to stay on the bike longer and this game is actually bad
Zendé 11 yr ago x
Does anybody have cheats for the game Racing Moto to get points faster without having to drive faster? I just cant get to the score of 70000 if i have that i have enough points to unlock the titan moto that moto is so cool any cheat?
Paul 11 yr ago x
My three best scoreS are 76015, 75550, 73975.. I cud not go above tat..!
Is ter any cheat?
Leelee 11 yr ago x
Theres no cheats paul gosh!!!!!
Monty 11 yr ago x
How do i unlock biks without geting to the points reqierd or send me some cheat codes
dude 11 yr ago x
How do I get more bikes without points
mushrafeen 11 yr ago x
Me my friend like this game and we have made much more than said above.
I have made 89,985 and 1,29000
and my friend has made 1,60,000 - 1,57,000 - 1,37000 and
ramann 11 yr ago x
I made 68,753, but can't beat 70K to get titan
dick 11 yr ago x
How to get the last motercicly
Vincent Bui 11 yr ago x
how do you get the titan
rana 11 yr ago x
How do unlock biker
anush 11 yr ago x
Reached 1,23,000...for me very all says to score without hard work. try hard is the only way to cheat the game...
Amit 10 yr ago x
HI i just want to know to to score more in moto racing there any cheat code or any trick
Hij 10 yr ago x
Here is a cheat for rooted android device download game cih and then youtube "how to use game cih to hack game scores" game cih download link
Hij 10 yr ago x
With the cheat i got 50,768,924
naheem 10 yr ago x
How to get more points
samsync793 10 yr ago x
Hit 13th yellow car for invisible.
jo 10 yr ago x
what are the cheat codes for moto racing?

Neeladri 10 yr ago x
how to get invisibility with cheat
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